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About Drive Dynamics

Drive Dynamics (Pty) Ltd was established in 2002 to provide quality electrical, control and instrumentation engineering consulting services to agricultural, governmental, commercial, industrial and mining clients.

We sell excellent quality products to our customers as well as providing outstanding product support and backup.

Every project is approached from a quality and client satisfaction point of view to provide cost effective engineering solutions. A progressive approach and good engineering judgment ensures that adequate flexibility is provided for modifications and upgrades resulting from changes in end user requirements and technologies.

Drive Dynamics offers training to our customers. Training is conducted on request, as required by customers.

Training on site is possible for technical personnel to obtain product and application knowledge about their specific needs and installations. Training covers basic principles, applications and programming

To join our ever-growing team, please email us at sales@drivedynamics.co.za

"The measure of our success is repeat business"
Robbie De Beer - CEO