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Built-in Bypass Contactor

RQ100-A (380V)Digital soft starter

  • Three start methods
  • Two stop methods
  • Jogging function
  • Fault memory function
  • Perfect protection
  • Keyboard set function
  • Rated output can be set

Three ways to start:
a. Voltage ramp current limit
b. Current limiting;
c. Jogging

Two ways to stop:
a. free parking;
b. Soft stop.

Jogging function:
Easy to test and short time low voltage control motor.

Fault memory function:
Can query the latest fault information, user-friendly analysis of the causes of failure, troubleshooting failure.

Perfect protection:
With a lack of phase, start overcurrent, start overload, start overtime and other comprehensive protection.

Rated output can be set:
When the nominal power of the soft starter is greater than the actual load power, the actual output current of the soft starter is modified within a certain range to match the actual load to ensure the accuracy of the protective functions of the soft starter during start-up

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