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3kv - 6kv

FR3000Medium Voltage Inverter

Three Phase 3kv 220 ~1000kw
Three Phase 6kv 250 ~2000kw
Three Phase 10kv 250 ~3150kw

FR3000 Series intelligent high voltage inverter is a voltage source high voltage output inverter. The output is a perfect Sine Wave which is achieved by adopting multi-level H bridge power unit cascading.

Voltage Source inverter

  • High power factor: >97%Perfect wave: no time filter needed
  • Wide Range Input Voltage
  • System no stop running in 65%~115% rated input voltage
  • SIT Technology
  • SIT Technology, can start up the inverter at any speed without surge current
  • Auto Bypass
  • Auto Bypass/ manual Bypass

“SCP” Protection

Long power down time

  • Inverter can keep running within 30~60 seconds

Triple Power Supplies

  • Inverter has three independent power supplies, control system can continue to work if power off/down with UPS.

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