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SD1000Servo Drives

  • Single phase 220V 0.1 ~0.4kw
  • Three phase 220V 1.0 ~5.0kw
  • Three phase 380V 1.0 ~5.0kw

SD1000 Series Servo drive, is a multi-functional AC servo drive, adopting advanced arithmetic, using IPM intelligent modules, to achieve digital control of torque, rotation rate, and position accuracy, designed on international industry reliability, products widely use for for CNC, textile machine, package machine, printing machine, cutting machine and other more fields.


  • Accurate Position Control Mode
  • Multiple Analogue Command Control
  • Resonance Suppression
  • 5 channels programmable optocoupler isolation input terminals
  • 3 channels programmable digital output terminals
  • Position mode supply difference and single terminal input method
  • 1 channel -10V~+10V analog input
  • 1 channel support MODBUS-RTU standard RS-485 interface
  • 1 channel USB upper machine interface

Multiple Protections

  • Built-in over-voltage, over-current, over-load, over-speed,
  • Encoder abnormal and other more error inspection system. 

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