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EZY SwitchSmartphone Pump Controller

Control and monitor your appliances, and much more via SMS

The Ezy Switch controller allows you to take control and monitor your plant and equipment, commercial, agricultural, industrial and domestic appliances with a simple SMS. Easy to use and easy to install.


  • User programmable input / output names
  • Programmable input delays
  • Programmable latching or non-latching inputs
  • Programmable normally open or normally closed inputs
  • Link inputs to outputs
  • Programmable output on times
  • Input pulse counter
  • Point to Point
  • Monitors its own supply voltage
  • Low battery alarm (programmable)
  • Please see manuals for detailed list

All programming is done via SMS
Size – 117mm x 78mm x 30mm

Available for GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G networks
The Ezy Switch SMS Controller is available in three models:-

  • SMS-2 – (2 inputs & 2 outputs)
  • SMS-4 – (4 inputs & 4 outputs)
  • SMS-8 – (8 inputs & 4 outputs)

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