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Frecon PV100 & 200Solar/PV Pumping Inverter (Variable Speed Drive)

220VAC 1~/300-340VMP (maximum 450VOC) 0.2 ~2.2kW
380VAC 3~/500-640VMP (maximum 750VOC) 0.75 ~630kW

FRECON PV inverters are developed for power supply of water pumps, based on the core control arithmetic of FR200 vector control inverters, combined with the control requirements of PV water pump application. The function of maximum power tracking, dormant at weak light, wake up at strong light, high water level dormant, under-load pre-warning (Dry run protection), auto-switch to grid supply and other control protection functions can ensure normal operation of water pumps according to the customers’ requirements.

  • 220V (0.75 – 2.2KW)
  • 380V (0.75 – 630KW)
  • DC/AC Input Compatible
  • DC: Solar PV Power Supply
  • AC: Generator or Grid Supply
  • 208-240VAC, 1 ~ or 300-340VDC
  • 380-480VAC, 3 ~ or 500-680VDC
  • Protection Functions: Over/Under voltage Over-current, Short Circuit, Phase Failure etc.
  • Optimized MPPT Arithmetic Accuracy 99%
  • Multi-liquid-level Control, Dry run protection, Wake and Sleep function, PID control.
  • Auto-dormancy on weak light, auto-recovery working on strong light, no need for man-made operations.
  • Auto switch over From Solar to Grid Supply with weak light.

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