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FR500AVector Control Inverter

3 phase 380-480V , 50Hz/60Hz

FR500A series is a high performance, high quality, high power density design, new generation inverter of FRECON, which is Mainly for OEM customers of the mid-high market and for applications such as fan and pumps, flexible design, embedded SVC and VF control, widely used in the applications with higher requirements, such as the speed control accuracy and torque response speed, low frequency output characteristics.

New Technology Platform, Large Surplus Derating Design

  • Adopt Infineon new generation of IGBT hardware platform, with higher configuration and large surplus derating design

Independent Air Duct

  • The independent air duct design, can effectively prevent the dust from entering the inverter and causing the fault of short circuit which improves the reliability
  • Select the long-life and max air flow rate cooling fans, effectively reduce inverter temperature rise, ensure reliable and stable operation

Wide Range Voltage Input with International Standards

  • Rated voltage: 3 phase 380-480V , 50Hz/60Hz
  • Voltage fluctuation range:325-528V , 50Hz/60Hz

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